The Glory of God in The Preborn

Category : Preaching
Jan. 17, 2021 at 10:50 a.m. EST

The Word of Life, the Breath of Life, the Word of Truth breathes HIS LIFE into each created child - that, beloved, is HIS GLORY, and His Love constrains me to fight against our adversary's Gory, turning the Womb into The Tomb! What do you truly believe about Adonai? Yeshua asked Simon Peter who he said He was. Peter's response determined the level of action and authority that sealed his name forever. Likewise, I have Four Questions for you to answer, each which will determines your level of action or inaction in loving life of the preborn: 1. Who do you say God is? 2. What do you say about His character? 3. What do you say about how much God loves you and loves others, including the preborn? 4. What do you say about the way God wants to be loved? If you agree with what God says, in each of your answers, you will declare all of His Promises to the Womb Image Bearers of God - Love and Life are their inheritance, because - loved or not - our children are God's Inheritance.