Isaiah 19 Restored Global Blessings - Ancient Egyptian Women: Wombs and Nexus for Seed of Abraham, Part I

Category : Preaching, Teaching
Feb. 16, 2021 at 7:18 a.m. EST

Isaiah 19 - Restored Global Blessings is God's Promise to the world, and it starts with Egypt. Did you know that Egypt is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, The Tanakh - also known as the Old Testament to Gentiles - almost seven hundred times - get that, now - almost 700! - and that it is referred to 25 more times in the New Testament? It is The Lord's most-spoken-of kingdom or nation or "house" in all of Scripture, outside of Israel and the Jews. God references Egypt more than any other gentile nation in all His earth, making it God's most frequently and earnestly pointed-to people group and land mass outside of Canaan. This video is our first of a 4-part series of 4 incredible ancient Egyptian women, each a princess, the daughter of a pharaoh, who form the gorgeous and prophetic tapestry that continues to be weaved by God in His EndTime Promises. They have been ignored by many believers, but not by historians, scholars, scientists, architects, and a host of others, and, certainly, not by Adonai. Each of these powerful women were qualified by God because each was willing to be used by Him. If they were not, the trajectory of Scripture, His promises, prophecy, and world events would be completely different. The purpose of Isaiah 19 - Restored Global Blessings is to remind us that God is forever faithful, that He is Our God of Our Impossibilities, and that He desires that we pray into the blessings that are in store for the world, coming right out of the "Hatfields and the McCoys" of The Middle East!