Sanctity of Human Life Shabbat:The Double-Edged Sword - Part 1

Category : Preaching, Teaching
Feb. 16, 2021 at 6:57 a.m. EST

This urgent directive Shabbat Drash brings awareness to the Body of Jewish and Gentile Believers that this Special Day is both bitter and sweet, mourning and celebratory, as both death and birth must be acknowledged. It impels believers to become strategically active in abolishing elective abortion/abortion-on-demand, and supporting post-abortive women, men, and their families. It includes personal abolitionist testimony, as well as distinction, comparisons, and contrasts between the Abolitionist, the Pro-lifer, and the Pro-Lifer In Name Only - PLINO. The level of commitment, cost, and type of fruit distinguish each from the other, all stemming from our love for and obedience to God, and our love for prenatal and family life.


Kehilah Portland, Messianic Synagogue of South Portland, Maine