Glory of Virtuous Women - The "Great Woman" - Remembered and Resurrected

Category : Preaching, Teaching
Feb. 16, 2021 at 7:16 a.m. EST

Did you know that there is only one woman in all of Scripture whom God calls a "GREAT WOMAN"? Yet most have never heard of her, because of the various translations used to identify her. Many of us are very familiar with the attributes of a godly woman in Proverbs 31, but this passage does not point to a real woman of history. Yet this woman on whom we'll be focusing IS a real woman of the ancient past. She had special character, and her vision was unique, which set her apart from other good women in the Bible. She was able to do a certain great thing only because she had already disciplined her heart and her relationship with God, as a lifestyle of greatness, in order for her works to be worthy of the same. She was a woman of love, honor, respect, faith, faithfulness, gratefulness, and a lady with a noteworthy extraordinary self-sacrificial plan to meet the needs of a holy person of God. Yet we will note that God called her a "great woman" before she had done what makes her worthy as the only "great woman" mentioned in God's Word. We are not told if she worked outside of the home, as only one of many works mentioned in Proverbs 31, which would have made a name for her in the public square. The only one place in the Bible where the phrase, "great woman" is used, starts in II Kings 4:8 - 37. Let me introduce you to her, if you don't already know who she is. Let us learn from her and from God what qualities HE says make a person great, in His Eyes.