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RTS prayer night - Worshippers Arise! - with Minister Valesca and sister Naomi

Category : Preaching, Teaching
Jun. 11, 2021 at 7:18 p.m. EDT

RTS is an initialism and it stands for "Releasing the Sound". RTS is the youth ministry within Powerhouse Ministries International, which is founded and overseen by Apostle Paulette Boschmans. It is a movement of young people who are releasing their sound in many creative ways. The mission is to release the sound of Jesus and spread the light of Jesus in our generation in every possible way, and to activate other young people to do the same thing. The Youth Leaders of this movement and youth ministry are Minister Orfeo Boschmans and Minister Valesca Boschmans. The movement of youths and young adults who are releasing a corporate sound is growing out to be a worldwide movement

In this video Minister Valesca and sister Naomi are interceding together for this generation. This night they are specifically praying for all to enter into a very important place; the place of worship! Are you ready to join us in prayer? Let's Pray!